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Carlos Rey

Unlike any other Personal Development mentor you have ever heard, Carlos Rey does not just speak from the heart, but he speaks from the depth of 40 years of personal experience.

He knows what it is like to be displaced from his homeland, build a life from scratch, build a business empire from humble beginnings, lose everything and have to start over. He has felt the wonder and awe of mountaintop experiences and the pain and despair of losing hope. He has relished life in both good and bad health. He knows that all of the challenges he has faced have been nothing but learning experiences to help he fully understand and relate to the variety of hardships people endure. He does not create leaders by teaching from books, but by sharing the ups and downs of everyday life, by reaching out to where you are and uplifting you using the methods he has used. His lessons are not mere theatrics but pure passion, grown from a burning desire to help others overcome the obstacles in life he has faced and conquered.

A Glimpse Into Carlos's Life

Teaching thousands how to succeed.
Video taping for a TeleMundo TV Broadcast.
Loving what he does.
Celebrating success.
Putting his heart into it.
SUCCESS from Home magazine article.
Putting passion behind the words.
Addressing a business seminar.

Carlos immigrated to The United States from Cuba at the ripe age of one. His family instilled in him the values of a true American entrepreneur, and at age 20 he was left in charge of the family business after his father's untimely passing. He managed and expanded the company from a modest 18 employees to more than 450 in a short 5 years.

Then, in August of 1992, Carlos' life changed forever when he awoke after hurricane Andrew to find his family's 30-year business left in ruin overnight.

Bruised, but not defeated, Carlos dusted off his pride and ventured forth on a new trajectory. He joined the ranks of RCA, and in just three months he rose to become vice-president of their South America division. Never one to settle for “good enough”, he shattered his first-year earnings quota by 95 million dollars.

In the years that followed, Carlos took his passion and knack for success on tour. Building on the techniques that brought him such great success at RCA, he turned his focus to inspiring those around him to succeed, and turned the dog-eat-dog business mantra on its head wherever he went. From RCA, Carlos went on to become the #1 earner at Excel Communications – the world's largest direct sales communications company of its day. He is credited as responsible for 80% of the company's international expansion, and for attracting a staggering $1.1 billion in revenue in less than a decade.

After Excel's closure, he went to a competing company and did the exact same thing again. Throughout this time, he had successfully launched over 30 countries, and had built organizations with well over 1 million people. During this time, Carlos lent his passion and expertise to countless others. He established records — still undisputed to this day — for rising to the top of two of the world's largest direct sales companies, has spoken at corporate seminars and training sessions in 22 countries across Europe and the Americas, and has touched millions of lives along the way with his positivity and undying fortitude.

News From Carlos Rey

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What Can Carlos Do For You?

No matter what the size of your company or group, or what the goal of your event; Carlos Rey can offer you personalized service to ensure the utmost effectiveness of his time with you. Everything he has to offer is backed by a lifetime of real-world experience in successfully overcoming the obsticles we all face, and every word he speaks is delivered with unparalleled passion and heart.

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Videos & Testimonials

I met Carlos Rey November 4, 1997 at a Tuesday night meeting for Excel Communications, I remember the night because my life changed that night. He is the most powerful motivational speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I have watched Carlos help more people over the last 18 years and I being one of them am Honored and proud. I Mentor from Carlos as he continues to teach me how to build my business, and my life in many ways. Carlos has the heart of a LION. His mission in life is to help people in any way he can he is a man of integrity that will walk the walk right alongside of you in the trenches if necessary.

Martin Gustafson | Davie, FL

Meeting a real leader as Carlos Rey was a radical change in my life! As my mentor Carlos showed me that personal development is essential to achieve success. I'm honored to be his friend. He is possibly one of the best motivators to exist for both individuals and their teams.
If you have a chance to see and hear, or work personally with him, I assure you will have a unique, extraordinary experience.

Patricio Velasco | Miami, FL

From The Moment I First Spoke With Carlos Rey I Knew There Was Indeed Something Very Special About Him. His Genuine Caring, Raw Honesty, And Passion In Helping Others Is Very Evident... This Is His Purpose In Life!! He Has A Deeper Understanding Of How People React To Things, Being An Authentic,Very Principled, And Spiritual Man.
Thru His Own Life Experiences And In Training And Coaching Others.
The Past 25 Or So Years, His Humbleness Comes Thru In Everything He Does... Giving You A Confidence That You Absolutely Can Accomplish Whatever You Dream Of Doing In Your Life!!
Carlos Brings To You The Attitude That All Things Are Truly Within Your Reach, And Inspires You To Believe In Yourself. Thru Carlos You Will Know That You Do Deserve Everything Great In Life!!

Alison Walker | NJ

From the very first moment I met Mr Carlos Rey I knew I was sitting in front of a Great person with tons on Knowledge and experience but above all in HUMILITY and of a genuine interest in helping people to self improve and succeed as well in believing that everything is possible: No excuses! He has marked my life by helping me build confidence in myself, security and in knowing that I have a unique value as a person. When I listen to him it fills me with energy, expectations, faith, and of a positive attitude toward life challenges and/or opportunities. And that if I want something I can do it and I have within myself skills and capabilities unimaginable. It's a great honour to have as a mentor and friend such a being, so special and genuine that is always there to extend his Grace and Knowledge.

Regina Benitez | Miami, FL